When you love hair as much as we do, you know that great looking tresses start with the right kind of hair care. Addressing what kind of love your hair needs before dying, styling and even shampooing is essential to getting lust-worthy locks. That’s why we created our amazing Prewash – a weekly detox and scalp treatment that’s like a facial for your hair. 

If you haven’t tried a pre-wash treatment yet and consider your shampoo and conditioner to be all you need, learn more about why it might be time to level up your hair care regime!

What is a prewash treatment?

A prewash is a gentle exfoliating pre-shampoo treatment that adds extra nourishment to your scalp and locks. It’s a way to lock in moisture and hydration so your hair stays healthy and soft. 

Our prewash also removes product buildup, fortifies the scalp and leaves hair shinier and smoother. It has gentle biodegradable microbeads that stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which assists with promoting healthy hair growth. The chamomile flower extract in it acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe itchy and/or irritated scalps.  

Who needs a prewash treatment? 

Coarse hair? Curly hair? Dyed hair? The short answer is that prewash is perfect for everyone. It’s great for people who regularly dye their hair or use products daily, but it’s equally beneficial for anyone who just wants to give their tresses some extra love. Seems like we’re all doing more to our hair these days, so treat it right! Prewash will give you a cleaner, healthier, shinier scalp with just one treatment. We love using Prewash before applying semi-permanent color to deep cleanse the hair and open the cuticle for even better color saturation! 

How do I use a prewash treatment? 

Some pre-shampoo treatments require 30 minutes or more for results. While we are fans of extra lounge time for treatments, we can’t always commit to planning ahead. Sometimes our hair needs extra TLC quickly, which is why our Prewash can be added to wet hair and the scalp for a mere two minutes before shampooing. 

Since our Prewash can be used in the shower just before our Color Kind Wash and Rinse it’s easy to make it part of our regular routine. But don’t just take our word for it – read all about Prewash here – including reviews from people who’ve used it! 


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