How can I add temporary color to my hair?

Want to add a streak of bright pink to your hair or play with dip-dyed ends of red, but don’t want to commit to a long-term change? With temporary hair color options (Good Dye Young calls them Hair Makeup), you can create exciting new looks as often as you like with the freedom and flexibility of knowing it doesn’t have to last forever!

Hair Makeup options from GDY include our I’M BORED Semi-Temporary Hair Serum and our Poser Paste Temporary Hair Paste! You can play up a new look for a big event or see how amazing you feel rocking rainbow locks for the day! Why not try a few different looks? With temporary Hair Makeup, you can wash it all away and start over again whenever you want!

Get beautifully obnoxious and create custom looks with GDY’s Hair Makeup! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our hair makeup!

What is Hair Makeup?

First and foremost, Hair Makeup is NOT hair dye. Since it sits on top of the hair, it will not stain the hair. It’s temporary hair color that washes out – just as easy as switching out lipstick shades!

Our Poser Paste Hair Makeup doubles as a styling product; it acts as a hair pomade that provides medium hold with the added fun of a temporary pop of color! There are 8 fun shades of Poser Paste, all matching our original vibrant semi-perm colors!

Our I’M BORED Hair Makeup also adds a bit of texture to the hair with a light hold! So, not only can you get creative with your color – you can get creative with your hairstyle too! I’M BORED comes in five different shades: two for brunettes, Binge Watch and Thirst Trap, and three for blondes, Swipe Left, Text UR Ex, and Add To Cart!

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How long does Hair Makeup last?

GDY has two different kinds of Hair Makeup: Poser Paste and I’M BORED.

Poser Paste is a pigmented temporary hair serum which lasts one wash! Think of it like your favorite shade of blush, you put it on in the morning, wash it off at night, and can switch it up anytime you like – same with Poser Paste!

I’M BORED is a semi-temporary hair serum which means that once it is blow dried into damp hair, the color will remain for 2-6 washes!

How do I remove Hair Makeup? 

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To remove Poser Paste, it’s as easy as washing your hair like normal! Just lather and rinse a couple of times and our Poser Paste Hair Makeup washes right out. We recommend using our Pre Wash to remove Poser Paste! Pre Wash is formulated with gentle exfoliators which help to loosen product buildup and it contains Thyme, Rosemary, and Grapefruit which smell amazing and help to fortify your scalp!

To remove I’M BORED, you also wash your hair like normal it just takes a few extra washes to remove all of the pigment. If you’re looking for a super temporary look, we recommend sticking with Poser Paste but if you’re excited about testing out a new color for a few days, I’M BORED is your product!

Pssst… wanna keep I’M BORED in as long as possible? Check out our Color Kind Shampoo and Conditioner, Wash and Rinse to extend the life of your color!

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Does temporary hair color damage your hair?

Nope – Poser Paste works just like any other styling product, it coats the hair without penetrating it and I’M BORED is a unique hair serum which also coats the hair but lasts a bit longer due to the higher pigment load. Poser Paste is formulated with Sweet Orange and Bergamot essential oils for a relaxing, self-caring experience when you use it! I’M BORED is formulated with aloe vera and soy protein to condition and strengthen hair and it’s scented with mandarin and lemon essential oils with hints of coconut milk and whipped marshmallow!

Is there a temporary hair dye that washes out right away?

While it’s not technically a dye, that’s exactly what Poser Paste Hair Makeup does – washes out right away when you use your favorite shampoo. If you want color that lasts a little longer or fades over time, check-out I’M BORED Semi-Temporary Hair Serum!

What is the best temporary hair dye?

There are many different options for temporary hair dye and choosing the right one depends on what you need. Below are several of the key benefits and things to remember about Poser Paste and I’M BORED:

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Benefits of Poser Paste:

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Benefits of I’M BORED:

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Where can I buy temporary hair color?

You can buy it right here on (with Free Shipping for any order over $40 in the US) or in Sally Beauty stores (use our Find Us In Stores tool to find the store nearest to you!). 

What colors are available for temporary hair dye?


Our Poser Paste is available in eight vibrant shades and they’re mixable so you can always use some color theory to create your own custom hue! Our I’M BORED is available in five shades; two for brunettes and three for blondes!

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