Meet Lani – Series Creator & Photographer

“I’m so incredibly excited to share a project very near and dear to my heart. I wanted to showcase black NYC based artists that inspire me in every which way. Representation is so important and it’s something I strive to push in the projects I do. A few weeks ago I sent over some rough edits to my friend @anng.wav and he sent me over this message: ‘It’s cool to see representation in a space it is needed. Destigmatizing the negative connotation that comes with being black and having colored hair. That it makes us ghetto. Also just alt black kids being able to see themselves somewhere’.

This photoshoot means so much to me. Growing up there was always negative buzz around black people with bold hair colors. We are always told that bold and vibrant colors ‘don’t work for us’ or that they’re ‘tacky’. Especially alternative black kids- I felt like there wasn’t a space for us to exist in a culture that we love that so much. I wanted to showcase my beautiful friends and have them choose poser paste colors that they felt represented them. This project is for all the black people out there that were told they aren’t allowed to have colored hair. Remember to never make yourself more digestible for others, be loud, be bold and (as GDY says) expression is survival.” – Lani

Meet Jaelan

“I try my best to express the truest version of myself everyday I can. Mostly through the way I dress, putting together a ‘look’ is like getting all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place.

This photoshoot meant so much to me because I love working with Lani and our friends on shoots and there was just so much positivity on the set. Creating and being in a space like that is so warming and inspiring always produces good art. It gave me a space to try and express the truest version of me, and I had never had any type of coloring in my hair before and was so grateful I got to try something new.

GDY’s products help me with self-expression by making it super easy to change things up in a super fun way! There are so many possibilities that you can try with poser paste and I think that’s what makes it so awesome.” – Jaelan

Meet Naomi

“I express myself through various colors of green, I’m happiest when I’m green, adding lighter green and a little red from Good Dye Young to my emerald hair made me feel more like a tree sprouting. I appreciate this brand very much and grateful for the opportunity that was only filled with love.” – Naomi

Meet Kree

“I love to express my art and I choose to express it in everything I do from the colors I wear to the paintings I make.” – Kree

Meet Myla

“In my day to day wear I seek comfortability in loose fitting garments, my self-expression is in alliance with the weather – in some way I feel that somber days call for vibrant colors and patterns. I’ve found that in being an introverted extrovert my vibrant locks create a presence for me before I speak for myself.” – Myla (they/them)

Meet Morgan

“I express freedom and being completely true to myself no matter what. I express this through what I wear, my art, my writing and my music.” – Morgan

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